Harta traseelor
  • Marking: Yellow triangle
  • Duration: 1 H
  • The difference in level is 230 m (180 m of climbing, 230 m of descending). The length of the track is 2.3 km. The difficulty level is medium.
  • The track may be followed even during winter time, after previously being informed of the weather.
This track is actually a linking path between tracks 4 and 5, starting from Fantanele Cabin and winding under Fantanele Rivers.

The pathway invites us to go for a walk and admire the beauty of the place, being gentle, although it is situated at 1200 m altitude. It ascends and descends, carrying us to Poiana Nicanului. On our path we come across Nican River; we follow the path for 20 minutes and reach another clearing that offers us a gorgeous sight – the ditches that dip from under Piatra Lata and Panaghia. From here there is just a little while longer, as we only follow the short trek in between the “Rolled Stones” that separate us from Poiana Viezuri, where we come across track number 5, marked by a red cross.