Ceahlau National Park’s Administration

“I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise what is there to defend?” – Robert Redford

It’s main activity is the administration and preservation of the natural treasury, consisting of natural habitats, wild flora and fauna that are part of Ceahlău National Park and other natural protected areas of Neamţ County, the institution of a special administration regime for the preservation and protection of the biodiversity in natural ecosystems, as well as the natural landscape in the natural protected areas that are administrated, in accordance with the development of human establishments in the vicinity of the protected natural area, the up-keeping of local traditions and customs, the development of eco-tourism and other economic activities that do not hinder the safety and quality of the natural habitats and ecosystems.

The activity of the Directive is in accordance with the republished Law 215/2001 of the local public administration, O.U.G. (Government Emergency Ordinance) 57/2007, which encompasses the regime of the protected natural areas, conservation of natural habitats, flora and fauna, with its ulterior modifications and addendums, H.G. (Government Resolution) 230/2003, which deals with the demarcation of biosphere reservation, national parks and natural parks, as well as their establishment, management plans of protected natural areas, and with the active legislation and international conventions regarding the protection of habitats, flora and fauna, of the natural frame and of the renewing resources that Romania is part of.

The following areas are protected on the territory of the Ceahlau Massif:

  • Ceahlau National Park
  • Ceahlau ROSCI0024 community importance site
  • Ceahlau Massif ROSPA0129 special avifaunal protection site
  • Polita cu Crini and Ocolasul Mare scientific reservation
  • Duruitoarea Warterfall natural monument
  • Izvorul Muntelui Lake natural aquatic reservation and Secu Forest natural reservation