Vaduri, Pângăraţi and Bâtca Doamnei Lakes

The ROSPA0125 Vaduri and Pangarati Lake special avifaunal protection area is part of the Natura 2000 European network, and is in custody of Neamt County Council, through the Ceahlau National Park Administration Office. Batca Doamnei Lake is also part of this area that encompasses the maximum retention level of water.

The ROSPA0125 special avifaunal protection area has been declared a protected area through Government Resolution no 1284/2007 regarding the pronouncement of special avifaunal protection areas as an integrant part of the Natura 2000 European ecological network in Romania modified and completed through Government Resolution no 971/2011.

The purpose of declaring these lakes as protected natural areas is that of conserving and protecting the bird species present and their habitats.
ROSPA0125 Vaduri and Pangarati Lakes objectives are:

  1. Ensuring and maintaining the habitats necessary to conserve biological diversity and the abiotic elements that are important to the environment, including anthropic intervention;
  2. Stimulating research activities and continued surveillance of the environment, as well as durable management of the resources;
  3. Assigning limited sectors for ecological tourism and educating the public, so as not to disturb the species and the habitat;
  4. Eliminating and preventing all exploitation or activities incompatible with the objectives of the protected area;
  5. Permanent monitoring of natural risks, ranging from geologic, geomorphologic and hydrologic ones.