Harta traseelor
  • Marking: red line;
  • Duration: 4 H 30 min – 5 H on the way up; 3 H on the way down;
  • The difference in level is 1220 m. The length of the track is 6.9 km. The difficulty level is medium.
  • During winter time, it is NOT recommended to follow the portion between Poiana Maicilor – Dochia Cabin.

(From Poiana Maicilor to Dochia Cabin, the trail juxtaposez with trail number 6)

It is one of the most beautiful trails in Ceahlau.

PNC-Traseu-3-Poiana-Maicilor04After walking through Ceahlau National Park Visiting centre, cross two coils of DJ 155F through the forest, and eventually enter the path following Paraul Maicilor (Nuns’ River). After nearly an hour, the path traverses the river and starts a more steep climb through the forest up until Poiana Maicilor (Nuns’ Clearing), situated nearly 4 km from the departure point next to the orientation markers.

We find ourselves at 1321 m altitude, where our path meets the one marked with a red cross, coming from Valea Bicazului, namely Neagra village. From here, the trails are juxtaposed until reaching Dochia Cabin.

PNC-Traseu-3-Poiana-Maicilor01Before leaving Poiana Maicilor, we retreat to the saddle, towards an old sheep cot, in order to admire the impressive landscape of the stone wall from under Ocolasul Mic plateau. The wall is transversally marked by grassy ledges, or covered in larch clusters, and it is vertically lined by ditches and dark horns. Its castellated apex is marked by mighty peaks: Turnul lui Butu si Ana (Butu and Ana’s Tower), Turnul Crucii (Cross Tower), Caciula lui Ciuperca (Ciuperca’s Hat), Vanturisul, Varful Ascutit (Sharp Peak), Turnul Ocolasul Mic (Ocolasul Mic Tower). You move on, leaving the clearing behind, entering the forest and first starting a slight climb, gradually increasing in abruptness through a few raspberry bush lanes. The path winds along above Jgheabul Clailor.

PNC-Claile-lui-Miron--traseu-cruce-albastraUpon exiting the forest, on the right of the trail, two mighty conglomerate spires arise, resembling haystacks. They are the well-known Claile lui Miron, the tallest of which stands out from Jgheabul Clailor at a height of 1650 m. An arduous climb follows, through tight turns and then eases. In the alpine funnel, we reach Ocolasul Mic plateau. The plateau is peppered with calcareous blocks and interrupted up front by the smaller crag limiting Masa Dacica, and then by the grander, more majestic crag of Ocolasul Mare (1907 m, the tallest peak in the massif).

Leaving behind the plateau guarded by Turnul lui Butu si Ana (Butu and Ana’s Tower), we enter the forest. The path starts on a slight descend before abruptly climbing, in tight coils, between the walls of Piatra Lata a Ghedeonului (Ghedeon’s Wide Rock) to the right, and Stanca Viperei (Viper’s Rock) to the left, until we reach the camping site situated of Piatra Lata a Ghedeonului (Ghedeon’s Wide Rock) plateau. From here, the walk to Dochia Cabin (1760 m) is less than 10 minutes away through the alpine funnel, under Batca lui Ghedeon, situated on the left side of the trail.