Harta traseelor
  • Marking: blue cross;
  • Duration: 6 – 7 H
  • The difference in level is 1250 m. The length of the track is 14.6 km. The difficulty level is medium.
  • During winter time, it is NOT recommended to follow the portion between Poiana Maicilor and Dochia Cabin
The first step in embarking on this track lies near the school in Neagra village, in DN 12C. The path that we have to follow starts from the village, being signalled by an indication pole. We cross the village, on the bank of Neagra River, and reach the confluence between Neagra Mare and Neagra Mica rivers. We follow the forest road on Neagra Mare for 2 km and reach a marking pole that leads to Neagra Peak (1138 m altitude). Near the confluence between Neagra Mare and Urda River, the path diverges from the forest road and starts on north-eastwards through Poiana Neagra, and the northwards, below Negrii Peak. It takes less than an hour, from the cover of Neagra Peak, to reach Poiana Varatec (1250 m altitude), we by-pass Varatec Peak (1362 m) to the left and reach Curmatura Varatec, at 1335 m altitude. The view here, gazing over “Turnul lui Butu” (Butu’s Tower) is gorgeous, the landscape fairytale-like. In Curmatura Varatec we meet with the track that links Poiana Maicilor and Curmatura Stanile.

We continue our track however, and descend through the resinous forest, cross the lever curb the main source of Furcituri River, until we reach Poiana Maicilor, where we intersect track number 3, marked by a red band, which leads to Izvorul Muntelui Cabin. We follow the common trail, blue cross and red band, until we reach our final destination, Dochia Cabin.

Along the trail we can feast our eyes admiring the Scarce Swallowtail, we search for the colourful caps of the porcini, chantarelle and other mushrooms (clustered coral mushroom, parasol mushroom, or honey fungus), and enjoy the trek.

During the winter time, it is not recommended to follow the portion between Poiana Maicilor – Dochia Cabin.