Ceahlau National Park Visiting Centre
Izvorul Muntelui

More than a museum or and exhibition. A story about nature. A foray in the world of Ceahlau.

A visiting centre is more than a small museum about the mountain and the nature surrounding it. We like to name it “a centre of nature exegesis”, through which we seek to weave a story, an epic narrative of the nature in Ceahlau. The information once too tiring or too technical to assimilate is now replaced by interactive methods and designs of learning that allow you, the visitor, to participate in. and because a trek through Ceahlau National Park is a real blessing of all senses, we have prepared many surprises for you: you will hear, see, touch, smell and feel; in other words you will uncover Nature with all of your being.

Ceahlau National Park Visiting Centre awaits to disclose, through interactive techniques, some of the secrets of this ancient mountain, if you so desire to enjoy a short break before beginning your trek, or a moment of relaxation upon descending. For the guests that do not have the time to embark on a visit to the top of the mountain, or for those who prefer a leisurely walk at the base of the mountain, the visiting centre acts as an ambassador, being an open invitation to come again for a hike on the pathways of Ceahlau.

For the young ones we have prepared special uncovering and non-formal learning games, both inside the centre and the generous back yard.
Our centre is also equipped with a cinema, where you can watch a documentary about the elements that make Ceahlau a special place, as well as the reason it has been declared a National Park. Recently we have also put together a 3D short film.

We invite you with open arms to visit us and uncover why Ceahlau is so special… although we believe you already knew the reason!

You can find us in Izvorul Muntelui, on County Road 155F, immediately after the Information and Access Point.

Working Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00

Monday: Closed

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